How to add a Hyperlink to your Form

If you would like to add a text segment to your Form that is Hyperlinked to an external website or a document that's hosted online, then you can do so by adding a Description Area field to your Form.




Once the field has been added, insert your text and highlight the portion you would like hyperlinked.  Click the Hyperlink icon (linked chains) from the styling dashboard and choose "Insert Link".




Enter your Link URL address and click the "Insert" button to add. You can also check to have the link open in a new tab so that end-users aren't redirected off the form. 



Hyperlinked Images

In addition to Hyperlinked Text, you can also hyperlink images through the Description Area fields.  To hyperlink an image, add a Description Area field to your Form and upload an image into the field by clicking the Image icon and select the "Choose" option to browse for your image, OR insert a link to the image under the "Link" tab. 

After the image has been uploaded, click on the image so that it has been selected and then click "Edit". On the Image Editor, you can enter your Hyperlink URL address in the "Link" field, opt to have the hyperlink open in a new tab of the browser, and position the image on the page (as well as delete the image). Click "Save" to save your settings. 


Editing or Deleting Hyperlinked Items

 Start by going into the Form and click to edit the Description Area field housing the Hyperlinked item. Select the hyperlinked text or image. Then....

To edit the hyperlink, click the Hyperlink icon (linked chains) and then on "Insert Link" and enter the new Link URL address and click the "Insert" button to update.


To remove an existing hyperlink, click the Hyperlink icon (linked chains) and click "Unlink". 

To change or remove a hyperlink on an image, select the image, click "Edit" and remove or edit the URL in the image editor window.


Hyperlinking FAQs:

Q: Can Field Labels/Titles be Hyperlinked?

A: We currently do not have a way to Hyperlink Field Titles, however, we do have a workaround! Start by adding a Description Area field to the Form and insert your Text and Hyperlinked data. Next, add your desired field under the Description Area field on your Form and check off the option to "Hide label on form". This will appear as though the hyperlinked Description Area field is the Label/Title for the second field.

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