Commonly Returned Errors

Below is a list of common errors experienced when integrating Formstack Forms and Box. Here you can reference frequently encountered errors and the suggested corrective action to resolve them. Some errors are dependent on your Form and Box, so additional troubleshooting may be necessary.


  1. ERROR: Box Failure: Item with the same name already exists:

This indicates that the file name being uploaded in the Submission already exists within your Box account. You can avoid this by adding a file prefix within the integration settings when going to Settings > Box > Integration Settings and selecting fields below the File Prefix field. This will add the data entered into the fields selected on the Submission into the Box file name, differentiating them in case that file name exists already.


  1. ERROR: Box.Net error: Bad Request:

This error indicates that there is an issue connecting to Box with the credentials currently used. Double check the credentials for the account and then completely remove and re-add the Box integration within the Form settings, making sure to use up to date credentials.


  1. ERROR: Box.Net error: Invalid refresh token:

When received, this error typically indicates that the credentials are outdated or invalid. Double check the login information for your account, then completely remove and re-add the integration within the Form by going to Settings > Integration Hub > Box.


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