Google Analytics Plugin

For added analytic superpower, you may consider enabling the Google Analytics plugin feature. With this plugin, Google Analytics will be added directly to your form to track successful submissions and provide better insight into your form's performance.  This plugin supports Google Universal Analytics.


Enabling the Google Analytics Plugin

To add the Google Analytics plugin, go into your Form > Click the Conversion Kit tab and click the "Add" option next to Google Analytics.


Next, you'll want to enter your Google Tracking ID. This ID is located in your Google Analytics account, under the Admin channel ( Admin > Tracking Info > Tracking Code ). You can click here for more information on locating this ID. Once the ID has been added, click out of the field to auto-save.  Now you’ve enabled the plugin. From here you would go to Publish to get the embed code to put on your website. When using Google Analytics you must use the JavaScript Embed. Read more about the tracking below.



Start Tracking!

Once the plugin has been added, form activity will be tracked and can be reviewed in your Google Analytics account. A list of tracked activities can be found at the bottom. As mentioned above, the plugin uses event-based tracking through Google Universal Analytics. If you have not yet migrated your Google Analytics account to Universal Analytics, you will need to do so before using the plugin. You can find instructions on how to do so at the Universal Analytics Upgrade Center.


Event tracking records specific occurrences on a page. These occurrences can be recorded on something holistic, like a page view, or attached to a specific action, such as a button click. Formstack automatically creates these events on your form when you enable the plugin.


To find Event tracking in your Google Analytics account, navigate on the left sidebar to Behavior > Events > Overview. Google Analytics events are tagged with three attributes: Category, Action, and Label.


Category: "Formstack Form {the form ID}”

Each Formstack event category is associated with one particular form that you have set up with the Google Analytics plugin. The category will read as “Formstack Form” followed by the unique form ID. Ex. Formstack Form 3395275



To find the unique ID of your form, go to the "Settings" tab of a form in your account, and look in the URL bar for the ID number.


Actions: view, incomplete, submit, navigation, validation

These are the actual occurrences we’ve set the plugin to record on a form page. A more granular list of actions and their accompanying labels can be found below.


Labels: resume, save, next page, previous page, error

Labels give a more detailed description of the same actions that occur on a page.


Actions and Labels Defined

- View (this is when the form is viewed)

    - no label


- Incomplete

    - Resume (this is when the form is resumed from a Save and Resume link)

    - Save (this is when the form is saved using the Save and Resume link)


- Submit (this is when the form is submitted)

    - no label


- Navigation

    - Next Page (they clicked the 'Next Page' button)

    - Previous Page (they clicked the 'Prev Page' button)


- Validation

    - Error (a validation error occurred)


With access to all of this information, you will be able to optimize your forms for better conversions.

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