Wordpress Plugin V2

In addition to the Formstack Wordpress Plugin, the Formstack API V2 contains several improvements including the ability to easily toggle the following:

  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI
  • Modenizer
  • Barebones CSS
  • CSS

Note: With this update, you will no longer be able to access the Formstack Dashboard from the Wordpress plugin settings page on your Wordpress site.


Getting set up with the Formstack Wordpress Plugin V2

Because this version of the Wordpress plugin migrated to Formstack’s API V2, the setup process for the Plugin has changed. Instead of using your API Key, you will need to create an API Application and authorize the application:


  1. Install or upgrade to the newest plugin:
  1. Log into your Formstack account and create a new API V2 Application
  • https://www.formstack.com/admin/apiKey/main
  1. Enter the following details (Recommended)
  • Application Name: WordPress Plugin
  • Redirect URI: Insert your WordPress site domain here
  • Description: My WordPress Install
  • Platform: Website
  • Your API application will most likely just be used for your WordPress Plugin, feel free to use details that help you understand the purpose of your API Application. Save your application.


4. You'll be taken to the Application Details page for your Wordpress Application. Here, do the following:

  • Copy your Client ID and your Client Secret
  • You will need to these for WordPress


5. Go back to your Wordpress site and navigate to the Formstack Settings page

  • https://{YOUR_SITE}/wp-admin/admin.php?page=Formstack

6. Enter your Client ID & your Client Secret you got from Formstack and press the 'Save Changes' button.



7. Click the link named 'Authenticate with Formstack API' that appears



8. You will be taken to the Formstack application you just created.

9. Click the 'Authorize' button.

You are now set with the WordPress 2.x plugin!

If you ever need to reset your Formstack application or set up a new application, you can click 'Clear Formstack tokens' link from your Formstack Plugin Settings page in WordPress and follow the steps above once more.

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