Drupal Module

The Drupal Module allows you to quickly and easily add any Form to your Drupal website by installing our module provided through the App.


Note: This module is compatible only with Drupal 7.x and lower. We recommend using the javascript embed code if you use Drupal 8.x.


Before accessing the Drupal Module in the FormStack Account, you will need to upload the Formstack Plugin to your Drupal Web Server.  Next, you will want to copy your Drupal Redirect URI Address, as this will be needed to setup the Formstack API connection.


To access the URI Address, go into the Drupal Account > Configure > Web Services > Formstack Form Embed > Copy the Redirect URI under Step 1.



Now you will want to navigate back into your Formstack Account and setup an API key for Drupal.  This page will walk you through setting up your API key. 

After the Formstack API has been saved, copy the provided Authorization Access URL/Token and paste this into your Drupal Account under the Configuration settings; this will allow the Drupal Account to access your Formstack Account.  Be sure the save the Configuration setting when done!



Now you can Edit your Drupal page and access the Forms from your Formstack Account which can be easily dropped into these Pages!  




1. A Drupal site can only Authenticate with the User Permissions of one Formstack User - you may not authenticate with multiple Formstack users simultaneously. 

2. Folders do not map to the Drupal Plugin so we recommend retitling the Forms that you would like listed in Drupal or to Authenticate your Account with a User that only has access to Drupal Forms.  Otherwise, you will see all your Forms listed in the drop-down menu.


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