Separate Values

If needing your fields' options to display one thing to your submitters and have another value associated with it then you can do that using separate values. This is useful when needing to calculate totals but display something other than a number to the submitter or if you need the ability to store one value in the Submission while showing another to the submitter.


If for example, you were creating an order form to sell tacos then you could add a select list field called "What kind of tacos would you like?" and add in each option you want to be available. Select the field, scroll to the field options on the left, then click the 'Advanced Options Editor' button.




A box will appear with a checkbox at the bottom right that is labeled "Use separate values". You can check that and you'll then be able to assign a value for each label. 



- If needing multiple options to have the same numeric value, you'll need to differentiate them by adding decimals to them that won't change the value. For example, if you need multiple options to be worth 2 then you can use the values of 2, 2.0, 2.00, etc. While these are all technically the same number, 2, the form builder sees them as unique values and will allow you to use them.


- When you opt to use separate values, you have the option to save just labels, values, or both in your database. Whatever is saved will be displayed in the Notification/Confirmation Emails as well. For example, if the values are purely for calculation and you just need the label saved and displayed in the emails, you'll need to either opt to save labels AND values (both) or just labels if you don’t need the values.


- If you intend to use Email Logic for Confirmation or Notification Emails, based on the field Values you will need to ensure that each Value is different.  For example, Values of 2, 2.0, 2.00, etc. will be seen as "2" by the Email Logic so any message with these Values will be sent.  To prevent this from happening each Value will need to different, such as 2, 3, 4, etc. for the Email Logic to successfully distinguish the Values.


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