Resetting a Form for Repeat Use

If you're using a form at a kiosk or conference where you know you're going to have high traffic you're probably going to want the form to quickly reset so the next person can submit his or her information. You can do this on a Formstack form in a few quick steps!



Find the form you're using at your event and click on the 'Settings' tab. 


In Emails & Actions > Submission Message, click Add a Submission Message.

Note: Only one 'physical' redirect is allowed per submission. This means you can't send the submitter to a 'Thank You' message and then back to the form. You must delete any Default or Custom messages in order for this redirect to work.


Choose the 'Redirect to an External URL' option and paste your form's URL in the 'Redirect to URL' field. Click 'Save'. Now, when a user submits the form it will automatically display a clean form for the next person to fill out!


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