Parent Account / Sub-Account Model

The Formstack Parent Account / Sub-Account Model allows for the ownership of Parent Formstack Account that can access and control Child-Accounts all from one User login account.    

What is the Parent Account / Sub-Account Model?

These Accounts allow client sub-accounts to be added to your primary (or Parent) Formstack account. Your parent accounts can easily toggle between Parent and Sub-Accounts while using one login. Each customer, set up as a sub-account, will only have access to their specific account, forms, and data. The Parent Account / Sub-Account model is available for Pro plans and higher and is supported through our partner program. For more information, reach out to    

In the parent account, a toolbar will be placed in the upper-right portion of your Account notating the company name.  This is designed to showcase which parent account you are accessing. From this view, you may add sub-accounts for your customers for either standard or HIPAA plans. 


After clicking Create New Subaccount, you will follow a set of screens to add the sub-account. You will be able to choose which plan, and if you want that new account to receive a welcome email.

The first user added to a new sub-account, will be the user that you log in as from your parent account, so we recommend using an email address that represents your parent account company. So for example, if you are an agency, you might use an email address like for your sub-account. Or if you are using Gmail you can use +customername for your email address.

From there, you will be able to enter the sub-account and add new users to the sub-account.


Navigating to Clients

In the Agency toolbar, select the desired sub-account from the drop-down. From here, you will be taken directly to the Account where you may create forms, users, etc.




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