Formstack Go

Does your Marketing Team need a solution to easily catch Leads while at a Conference? Or perhaps you're a Nonprofit looking to meet new volunteers?

Formstack Go is a mobile app easily designed to help you catch Form Submissions while out on the go on your mobile or tablet device. Not sure if you'll have WIFI or Internet access? No problem, collect those submissions and when you get access to the internet later, you can sync those submissions directly your Formstack account.

Note: The offline submissions functionality of Formstack Go is a paid add-on. Please contact our Sales Team for more information on adding that feature.  Workflow Forms are currently not supported in FormstackGo (offline submissions).

Downloading the app

Available in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, you can find the Formstack Go app. Click install and once installed, a Formstack Go app will appear on your phone.

Logging In

Enter your Formstack credentials. Choose "Remember Me" if you would like the device to remember your login credentials.





Selecting Your Forms

By Default, Formstack Go will attempt to download/update all forms upon logging in when you have an Internet connection. You also have the option to manually add forms. To do this, first, click the Green button with a Paper and plus symbol to add forms.





Select the Form you would like to add and click Save.





Now your form will appear in the Dashboard for quick access!






Before we collect submissions, let's review our Settings. Click the gear towards the top right of the app.


PIN Protect Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode allows you to safely collect submissions while preventing anyone without a pin from exiting the form into your settings. Click the switch to turn this feature on. This will automatically toggle on the Current PIN. To Change the Pin, click the arrow next to the Pin section. Once here, enter the new PIN you would like to use.


Enable Fingerprint Reader

With compatible devices, you can enable a Fingerprint Reader by clicking the on switch. The app will then ask you to verify your fingerprint.


Signing out of the App

Ready to Sign out? Navigate back to the Settings page and click the red Log Out button towards the bottom.





Collecting Submissions

To collect submissions, click the blue arrow to the right of your form. You'll be given two options, Submit This Form or Enter Kiosk Mode. Let's review what both entail!


Submit This Form

This option allows you to quickly enter a form submission and return to the main menu. This is useful for any users who will be actively holding a device.


Enter Kiosk Mode

If you are leaving your devices unattended, you can enter kiosk mode. Kiosk Mode allows you set a password, preventing users from reading other form submissions. Further, after each submission, the form will automatically refresh so others can enter their information.


Note: The offline functionality of Formstack Go does not support payment processor integrations. 


1 Question at a Time

Our 1 Question at a Time survey type is now available on Formstack Go! To turn this on, toggle on the setting on when opening up the individual form within Formstack Go before choosing 'Submit This Form' or 'Enter Kiosk Mode'.



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