Moving, Merging and Copying Forms Between Accounts

With Formstack, transferring forms between accounts has never been easier. Whether you want to copy a form to save time or you need to move a form into a different account, we make that process easy for you. We have three options for transferring Forms:

  • Copying a Form
  • Moving a Form from one Account to another
  • Merging one Formstack Account into another


Copying a Form

You can copy a Form from one account to another and all Form Settings and Integrations can copy with the Form as well, however, the Submissions and Analytics will not be copied over to the new Form/Account. For step-by-step guidance on how you can copy a form to another account click here for our guide.


Moving a Form from one Account to another


We can move Forms from one account to another for you. This will include all Submissions and Analytic data.  When we move a Form, it will be completely removed from one account and placed on another account.  The only portion of the Form that will change during this process is the URL and HTML which does not update automatically.  If you have any Forms that are embedded via HTML, you will want to re-embed these after the Forms have been moved.


Because all Forms have Subdomains and these are tied to an Account, the Form URLs will change after the move so if you have the Form links posted or referenced anywhere, then you'll want to re-post these URLs after the move.  The Forms will drop the subdomain from the old account and replace this with the subdomain from the new Account.


To get this process started, please submit a support request and one of our agents will get started on this for you!


Merging one Formstack Account into another

We can merge one Formstack Account which will include Users, Forms, Submissions, Billing etc. from one account and add these to another Account.  Please note that this action is irreversible.


Please submit a support request and once we confirm a few things, we will go ahead and merge the account for you.

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