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Got questions about the Subdomain changes?  We got you covered!  Here we'll explain the who, what, where and why on Subdomains.  To get a full overview of SubDomains, check out our full Support document.

Who made this change?

What is a SubDomain and what exactly was changed?

Where can I set a SubDomain?

When did this all take place?

Why are SubDomains being added?


Who: Accounts without a set SubDomain by the cut-off date (Dec.15th) were sent a final reminder email about these changes and if no SubDomain was entered, the Formstack system auto-assigned a SubDomain on behalf of the Account.  The auto-assigned SubDomain may contain your Company name, email domain and/or random string of characters and digits.


What: SubDomains are a subdivision of the Formstack Form URL.  These will contain your own company or organization name and be placed at the beginning of your Form URL.  If you set a SubDomain or one was auto-assigned, all Forms URLs will update to display the new domain.


Where: Your SubDomain can be set while logged into your Formstack Account, under My Account > URLs.  If a SubDomain was set for you, you can edit this, however, please read all confirmations before making the change and realize editing the SubDomain may cause referenced Form URLs in the field to break.


When: On October 14th the full rollout was deployed to all Formstack Users requesting they add a SubDomain.  Then on November 14th, we issued an in-app and email notifications to all Formstack Users that a SubDomain must be set within 30-days with a cut-off date of December 15th.  If no SubDomain was set by December 15th, one would be auto-assigned to the Account.


Why: There are two main reasons we implemented the SubDomain feature.  First, SubDomains add a level of uniqueness to each Account and Form URL under the Account.  If a Form is flagged for Phishing, SubDomains will prevent Formstack's domain from being flagged as well due to the Phishing report.  The second reason is that SubDomains allow you to brand your Form URLs so that you may provide your Users familiarity and association with your Company/Organization when they visit your Forms.


If you're not sure of something in your Account, have questions or would like additional information, please let us know and we will help you through the process.


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