Where to find your Formstack Invoices / Receipts

Please note: Invoices (previously referred to as Receipts) from payments prior to August 2018 are unavailable in-app. Please contact support to access legacy invoices. 

Each billing cycle the account admins will be emailed a copy of their invoice by default. If you would like to save a copy of the invoice as a PDF, print it out, or just have a copy without all the email wording on it you can.

To get a copy of the invoice just log into the account as one of the admins. Once you are logged into the account go to the upper right corner of your account to the icon that looks like a person and click on billing.


Once you are on the billing page there will be a link on the left side of the page you can click on titled Invoices just click on this field to be taken to the page with all the Invoices on it. Each invoice will be listed on this page for the lifetime of the account, just click on the invoices you would like to have a copy of to print or save it.

Adding An Additional Invoice Recipients

If you would like to add an additional invoice recipient click on Billing from the list of options pictured above. Under ‘Invoice Recipients’ enter an email address into the text box and click ‘Add Recipients’. If you’d like to enter multiple addresses, just make sure to separate them each by a comma.

*Adding someone as an invoice recipient will not give them access to the billing page. Only admins will have access to that section of the account, but you can add people who are not on the account to this list.


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