Subdomains, Aliases, and User-Friendly URLs

Formstack offers two methods for changing a form's URL:

  1. Subdomains
  2. User-friendly URLs



Subdomains allow you to customize your form URLs for better brand recognition and a more secure customer experience. Subdomains are the same as form aliases, and they appear before "" in a form's URL.


For example, if ABC Company adds "abccompany" as a subdomain, all of the forms on the company's account will have a URL like this:


For more information on subdomains, check out this feature page. For instructions on how to add a subdomain to your Formstack account, check out this Support doc.


Note: Formstack branded URLs (e.g., will still work even though they do not contain your subdomain. However, if you change the subdomain after it is initially set, URLs referencing prior versions of a subdomain URL will be deactivated. If you link to a form with a set subdomain anywhere and later change this subdomain, you will want to replace that old URL with the URL that includes the new subdomain.


User-Friendly URLs


Updating the end of your form URLs to make them more user-friendly allows you to further customize the names of your forms for easier recognition. These URL changes appear after and affect only the end of the form URLs.  


The user-friendly URL can be set from the Settings tab of each individual form, and only the form being edited is affected.


Go to Settings > General, and enter your customized URL string in the "URL" section. In the example below, the user-friendly URL is "settings".




For ABC Company mentioned under Subdomains, the form URL from the example image above will display as If someone is completing your form via a form URL, this is the URL that person will see.


Note: If your forms are embedded on your website, your users will not see your form URLs. However, if you make changes to your subdomain or the user-friendly URL for an embedded form, you will need to re-embed the form using the embed code found in the Publish Tab under Quick Start.



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