All forms come standard with 256-bit connection SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to secure your form. SSL is a protocol for providing secure communications on the Internet. SSL provides for the authentication and encryption of traffic between your browser and Internet servers.

SSL is a standard requirement on all Formstack Forms. Please note, we do not allow for the collection of end-user Passwords on the forms for any purposes.

Tip: For more information on what is and isn't considered sensitive information, check out our Sensitive Information Help Guide! 

SSL on Embedded Forms

We cannot enable SSL on your website, only on the form.  If you embed the form on your website, the form will be secure, but your web page will not show as secured unless you have your web host provider enable SSL on the page where the form is embedded.

If your site does not have SSL enabled, embedded Formstack forms may not load. To ensure your forms function properly, either:

1. Enable SSL on your website to allow Formstack embedded forms to work properly, OR
2. Don’t embed your form. Instead, provide a button or link that redirects to the form’s URL

 Displaying the Formstack Secure Logo

To display the "Form secured by Formstack" logo on your form, first enable SSL on your form as explained above.  Then, click on the Build tab of your form, click on Form Extras toward the top right of the page near the View Live Form button, and click Security Log so that it is on.



How to check if your website is SSL enabled



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