Workflows Preview

Our team has developed a useful, new preview mode for workflows. You can now preview the steps of your newly created workflow form before you decide to publish.


View Workflow

To see your workflow, click on the "View Workflow" button at the top of the Build page.




While previewing your workflow, you can switch between steps using the Next and Previous buttons at the top of the preview. You'll also notice a box that includes the details of that step in the workflow.


These details include:

• Who the step is assigned to

• The number of sections

• Whether or not authentication is required for the step

• The particular sections included for the step



You also have the option to see a diagram view of the workflow steps. Click "Workflow Diagram" in the upper right corner to view this. You'll see the same information box when viewing the diagram.



The Workflow form preview provides no submitting capability and no integration detail. We also remove any SSL or password authentication since they are not needed for the preview. Conditional Logic and calculations will work just fine on the preview like with the live form.


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