Form A/B Testing

A/B testing is the statistical method of comparing two elements against each other to see which performs better. So, in terms of forms, this can involve testing one form layout and design against another to determine which one is more effective in getting submissions.


Note: The A/B Testing Feature is available as part of the Conversion Kit Add-on.


You might be asking yourself, does this really matter? Yes. A/B testing can almost always improve your form’s performance. And, improving your form’s performance means more submissions from your visitors - that means more event registrations, more leads, more sales, etc.  We have built this functionality into our platform to make form A/B testing easy.


Check out our Form A/B Testing FAQ Page for additional information on setting up and using the feature!


Enabling Form A/B Testing Functionality




To enable A/B testing on your form, go to the "Conversion Kit" tab and click the "Add" button next to 'A/B Testing'.



Once you enable the feature, you will be prompted to name the original form and the variation (or the new form).  This will automatically add an "A/B Testing" tab above your form to the right of the "Analytics" tab.


Designing Your Forms


From a technical standpoint, the test creates two separate forms, which can be designed completely independently. That being said though, the "Settings", "Publish" and "A/B Testing" pages will be the same for both versions of the form.


When you first click to enable A/B Testing, the form will be duplicated. You can add a different theme to each form and arrange the fields on the form differently - and even add or delete fields from one version - by toggling between the two different versions inside the Builder via the blue "A/B Test" button at the top.




A/B Testing Tab

After you've designed your two forms, you can toggle back to the "A/B Testing" tab to view and edit A/B form testing settings, turn on/off the test, and view test results as they come in.



Turning Testing On/Off

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Manually: Switch the button in the top right corner of the page between "Start" and "Pause".
  2. Scheduled: Set a start and finish date.



Also, in this area, you can select which form to display while a test is "paused".



Viewing Results

Conversions are those people who actually followed through to the end of the form and clicked submit. On the top of the "A/B Testing" page, you can view a conversion rate (%) comparison in line graph form. On the bottom of the page, you will see the actual number of conversions compared to visitors for each form and also an "Improvement" rate which shows the improvement in conversions from the original form to the new form.



Ending a Test

To end a test, click "End Test". When you end a test, you will see a pop-up and will be able to select the form you'd like to continue with. We will provide a side by side comparison of how the forms performed during the test and give you the option to save the data from the form you didn't choose in a totally separate form database (essentially creating a totally independent form for that variant), delete the data and form variant completely, or download those submissions to CSV, Microsoft Excel, RTF (Word Compatible), or PDF AND delete the data completely.



This will disable the A/B testing on your form and you will notice the tab disappear from the top of the form.


Once you've completed a test and chosen the best form, congratulations! You should start to see an improvement in your form conversions.

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