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Do you need to save or print a PDFs copy of your submissions? If you do, then Formstack's Advanced PDFs may just be the solution you're looking for. 

With Formstack's Advanced PDFs, you'll be able to add your logo, choose what field(s) to map to your PDFs document, and send this document digitally by attaching it to your notification or confirmation emails.

This feature is available to Teams subscribers and above. 

Enabling the Advanced PDF

Navigate to Settings and click on the Advanced PDF section. Here, you will be taken to the Advanced PDF Settings page.



Adding a Logo

Drag and drop a logo or click Choose File to upload a logo. Accidentally uploaded the wrong logo? Click the Red button towards the right to remove the uploaded image.


Field Categories

Here you can choose the information you would like to display on your PDF. By default, all fields filled out by the form submitter will display.



Hidden Fields

If you include Hidden Fields, empty Hidden Fields will not display on the PDF.  Fields hidden by Conditional Logic will also not be displayed. Additionally, Hidden Fields will only appear on PDFs attached to Notification Emails and will not appear on PDFs attached to Confirmation Emails.


Dropdown and Radio Button Fields with your Advanced PDF

If you have Separate Values set for any Dropdown Fields or Radio Button fields, the data that will appear in your PDF is contingent on your settings.

  • Show Label will display the label in your PDF.
  • Show Value will display the value in your PDF.


Event Fields

Only Event Fields with a value of 1 or more will appear in your PDF.


Description Fields

Description Fields will only display text.

  • Unicode characters are not fully supported and will not show up correctly.
  • If you have any image(s) in your description field, it will not show up in your PDF. You will, however, see a blank space in lieu of the image, as shown below.


Exporting Multiple Submissions

Here, you can choose between exporting all your Submissions as one PDF file or exporting each Submission as its own PDF file.




You have the option to Preview your Advanced PDF to see the finished product and make any changes needed.


Attaching an Advanced PDF to a Notification Email or Confirmation Email

When creating a Notification/Confirmation email, check the box next to Attachment PDF under Attachment Options in your notification/confirmation email settings.

Note: To ensure delivery, our email sender will only send up to 14 MB of data per form. If your image and data collected in the form are over the 14 MB amount, it will create delivery issues since large files may be rejected by the mail recipient's email provider.


Important: For privacy and security purposes, if you're collecting sensitive information in your form such as Social Security, Credit Card Information, Driver's License, etc, please enable PGP before attaching a PDF to your notification/confirmation email(s).


Forms that are not abiding by this guideline will be violating our Terms of Use and could result in the form getting flagged or deactivated.



NOTE: For HIPAA Accounts, SMTP must be enabled to receive the PDF Attachment in your notification emails.


If you're looking for a more robust and fully-customizable PDF solution, check out our Formstack Documents product here.



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