Sharing Data/Reports

To share All Submissions or a Filtered Report with others, click on the Share icon in the top-center section of the report.


You will then be prompted to choose your level of sharing. You can choose to keep sharing off (default), only Charts, Data Table and Charts, or Everything.

If you choose to only share charts, individuals will not have access to the data table or any data not displayed in the charts. The option to share only the data table and charts is a "limited sharing" option and will not allow individuals to see or access data not shown in the shared data table and charts report.  To share all our existing data and charts, choose Everything.


Once you choose your share level and click OK, click 'Share Link' or 'RSS Link'. The link will automatically be copied to your clipboard (use Command-C if you're using Safari) so you can share it with anyone you'd like to have access to your submissions - even people who aren't Formstack account users. By default, the RSS link can be used in RSS readers and will display the 10 most recent submissions that are entered into the submission table.

You can change this limit to show 1 to 100 submissions by adding &limit= and then a number between 1 and 100 to the end of your RSS share link.


This link will display the 50 most recent submissions. 

Note: Sharing the direct URL to the form's submission page (i.e. won't allow other Formstack Users to view the submissions because the URL is unique to the user who accesses it. The best way to share a link to submissions is through the method explained above.


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