Social Autofill - Facebook

Formstack offers a Social Autofill plugin that allows your form submitters to populate fields on your forms with their Facebook information!

Note: This feature is only available through our Conversion Kit Add-On. Upgrade now to start using this awesome feature!




Add this functionality to your form by clicking on the Conversion Kit tab, then find "Facebook Autofill" and Click "Add".



Once you are logged into Facebook, you will be asked to choose where the data from Facebook will go on your form. Click the "select list" next to each label to choose which Formstack field you'd like the data to be sent to. This will automatically save.



Now, when someone views the published version of your form a "Fill out this form with Facebook" icon will appear.



When form submitters click that button they will be asked to authorize the Formstack app to view their Facebook profile.*


*Only information that can be viewed by the public will be transferred to the form and Formstack will not post to Facebook on the user's behalf.



Once the user clicks "Okay" the form will be populated with only the information that is public on the submitter's Facebook page. So, even though you may have mapped every field to accept data from Facebook, some data still might not autofill. The submitter will need to supply the rest of the data on the form.


Overall, this feature should help increase your submission rates by making it quick and simple for prospects to fill out your forms.







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