Tax Rules

The Tax Rules Plugin easily and conveniently allows you to auto-calculate and include tax on your order forms. To begin, you will need to have the following fields on your form: Address, Subtotal, Tax, and Total.


Our Tax Rules are based on a State since most sales tax is applied by State, not City, Country, etc. You can use our default Address field to collect the address. This works best if you use the Address field set to a specific Country, rather than “other”. If you need to use the “other” option it might be best to create two separate Address fields and base the Tax Rules off of the one set to a specific Country. At this time, it is not possible to apply a Tax Rule by anything other than a set State.

Number fields can be used for the other necessary fields and they should be set to “read-only” for each of these.


Your Subtotal field should have the calculation set to be the sum of all your product/price fields. You can leave the value on your Tax field blank because the calculation will be done on the backend via the Tax Rules Plugin settings. And finally, the value on your Total field will be a calculation set to the sum of the Subtotal field and the Tax field. Once those fields are all set up, we can then set up the Tax Rules Plugin.

To add the Tax Rules Plugin, go to Settings > Plugins and click “Add’ next to Tax Rules in the Order Forms box. 


Next, map your fields and set up your Tax Rules. You can add multiple Tax Rules by clicking the green “plus” symbol after each rule. 


Make sure you click “Save All Settings” when you have all your rules added. Now, when individuals select their products and add their address to your form, the Tax will automatically be calculated. 


If you have the Tax Rules Plugin added to your form, make sure you have it properly mapped and set up otherwise it could cause errors on your form.

If you need to remove the Tax Rules Plugin, go back to Settings > Plugins and click the red minus sign or click the 'Remove' option in Settings > Plugins > Tax Rules.  


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