Salesforce Editions and API Versioning

Formstack's integration with Salesforce allows you to create online forms for Web-to-lead, Web-to-case, or Web-to-Anything! Users of Salesforce know how powerful the CRM can be but also know that it requires a certain amount of knowledge and programming which can sometimes be an arduous task.  To alleviate some of these efforts, we want to provide Formstack and Salesforce Users with a one-stop resource with everything they’ll need to know about integrating these two programs.


Supported Editions of Salesforce

The Edition or version of Salesforce that you subscribe to is important when setting up an integration in Formstack, however, your Salesforce API/WSDL version is equally important.  


To integrate with Formstack, you should meet all three criteria points:

  1. Salesforce Enterprise Edition or higher
  2. Your Salesforce Edition includes integration via web service API
  3. Your Salesforce Login and/or Edition includes access to the Partner API/WSDL.


Salesforce Edition Comparison Guide

Is your Salesforce Edition not supported?  Certain Editions will include Partner API/WSDL or can be purchased as an add-on by contacting your Salesforce Account Executive and requesting the "Partner Web Services" API.


To verify your API access options, log into your Salesforce Account and from "Setup", click Develop > API.  Here they can view the existing API options or generate a Partner WSDL if available.



Salesforce Edition Supported in Formstack?
  Group, Professional, Developer,, and
  • No
  Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance, and NonProfit
  • On Formstack Platinum plans or higher.
  • Salesforce Edition includes access to Partner API/WSDL



Salesforce Enterprise Editions vs. Enterprise API

Salesforce offers an Enterprise Edition, however, they also offer an Enterprise API.  These two options are very different and it is important to understand the differences.  The most important takeaway is that the Salesforce Enterprise Edition is supported in Formstack, however, Enterprise APIs are not supported in the Formstack integration.




Other important details and FAQs

Is Formstack listed on the Salesforce AppExchange?

  • At this time the primary Formstack platform is not available on the AppExchange, however, we do offer a "Formstack for Salesforce" application which is native to Salesforce and available on the AppExchange! Our Salesforce web form builder is 100% native, meaning no additional setup, connectors, or integrations are needed. At the moment, Formstack and Formstack for Salesforce are two separate applications under the same company, therefore, separate subscriptions are required for access to their respective features. Check out this Appexchange link for more information about our Salesforce app!


What will happen if we integrate Formstack with the Enterprise API?

  • After the Salesforce credentials are entered under the Form integration settings, you will see the following error: “The Salesforce Username, Password and/or Security Token entered in the Form Settings are incorrect.”  This error is generating from Salesforce as the two APIs cannot connect due to the lack of the supported Partner API endpoint in Salesforce.  At this point, the Formstack App will not allow the Salesforce settings to load beyond this nor will any other mappings or further setup will be available until a Salesforce Account with a Partner API is entered into the Form.


Can we add the Partner API to a single Salesforce User or does this need to be added to all Users in our Salesforce organization?

  • Short answer; only one Login with Partner API access is required.  Extended answer; this will depend on your Salesforce Edition and Plan so we recommend asking your Salesforce Account Rep for confirmation.  For the purposes of integrating with Formstack, only the Salesforce User Accounts that are listed on the Form integration will require a Partner API.  That said, if you are using one Salesforce login across all your Formstack Forms, then only one Partner API add-on will be needed vs. enabling this for all Users in your Salesforce organization.


What are the differences between the Partner and Enterprise Salesforce APIs?

  • The primary differences between these two APIs are the endpoints which are the back-end links that take your data from Formstack and deliver it to Salesforce.  Unlike the Enterprise API, the Partner API is static and does not change if modifications are made in Salesforce which helps us maintain a connection.  If you wanted to see more comparisons between the two API offerings, Salesforce offers a great reference page.


Can we use an unsupported Edition of Salesforce and send Form submissions to Salesforce through a WebHook, API or through Zapier?

  • Unsupported Editions of Salesforce will not be able to receive the Form data in a readable or mappable format, therefore, we do not recommend this and would urge you to integrate with the CRM through Formstack.


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