Salesforce Quote Objects

Salesforce offers a Quote Object which is a record showing proposed prices for products and services. Quotes can be created from and synced with SalesForce Opportunities and emailed as PDFs to customers.  With the Formstack Salesforce integration, you can map your Forms to Quote Objects which will auto-generate a Quote when your Users submit a Form.  If you'd like to see more on customizing or setting up Quote Objects in Salesforce, this video is a great place for a quick-start!


Step 1. When working with SalesForce Quotes, you will first want to make sure the “Quote” Object has been enabled in your console/page layout in Salesforce.  This is done in your Salesforce Account > Setup > App Setup > Customize > Quotes.  On this page, you can also add custom fields to the Quotes Object, customize fields in the Quotes page and adjust the Quotes layout page.  



Step 2. In my example, I have attached the Quotes to my Opportunity, so first I will want to add an Opportunity Object to the Form and map the Form Fields into Salesforce.



Step 3. Next, add the Quote Object to the Form and map this between the Form and Salesforce.  While mapping the Quote Object, you will want to link this to an Opportunity and there are two ways to go about this: 

1) Choose the “Link” mapping option (shown below) and then select the Opportunity 1 Object; this will link the Quote you are about to create to the Opportunity you are about to create.

2) The second method is to choose a Field, Value or Lookup mapping type and link that to fields on the Form or a preset Value that matches an existing value in Salesforce.  If you use this method, the Value MUST exist in SalesForce for the submission to post into the Salesforce Account.


Step 4.  After that you should be all set and can either submit a Form with SalesForce in On/Live mode, or toggle the integration to Test mode and enter your Salesforce Sandbox credentials to view how the collected Form data will post to your Salesforce Account.


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