Enabling Salesforce Sandbox Testing

Your Forms may be integrated with a Salesforce Sandbox Account for testing purposes before sending Form data to your live Salesforce environment.  Once testing has completed, the Form can easily switch to your live Salesforce Account for receiving collected Form data.

To integrate with your Sandbox account you will want to first go into the Form > Settings tab > Integration Hub > Customer Relationship Management > click the "Add" option under the Salesforce integration.  


Next, set the integration in "TEST" mode and then proceed to enter your Salesforce Sandbox Username, Password and Security Token.  Once the Form has connected to your Salesforce account, you may map the Form Fields into the Objects and Fields in your Salesforce Sandbox Account. 


After all fields have been mapped, the Form may be tested and submitted through the Builder Tab > Preview or through the Form Publish.  

When testing is complete, the Form can be switched to your live SalesForce Account by going back into the Form Settings tab > Salesforce integration and entering your Live/Production Account Username, Password and Security Token.  Finally, set the integration to ON mode.

Important Note: If the integration is set to ON mode while the Sandbox credentials are still listed under the Form, the App will return the following message and prevent further mappings until the Form is moved back to TEST mode -OR- Live/Production Account credentials are entered in place of the Sandbox credentials.


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