Salesforce: File Uploads and Attachments

With Formstack's Salesforce integration, you can collect attachments on your Form and send the link to Salesforce along with any other Form data. This can be done by integrating with the Salesforce “Attachment” object. Attachments can be linked to other Salesforce objects, such as Account, Leads, Opportunities, and Contracts.

Please Note: Formstack's attachment object is not compatible with Salesforce Lightning. In order to send file uploads to Salesforce Lightning using Formstack's integration, users must utilize an object with a field that can accept text or a URL and can use this as a guide to implement this workaround.

The following method will force any Attachments on your Form to be required.  As an alternative, if you would like the Upload Fields on your Form to be optional, we have a workaround outlined here.


Setup Instructions:

1. Start by adding a File Upload field to the Formstack Form. For this example, the File Upload field on the form has been labeled “Attachment.”


2. Add an Attachment Object in the Salesforce integration settings by going into the Form > Settings > Salesforce > Objects > Select Object > Attachment.



3. With the Attachment Object added to the integration settings, link the Attachment to the appropriate Salesforce object. To do this, set the Parent ID to Link. A Dropdown List will populate with all the objects the Attachment can be linked to.  



4.  Next, link the Attachment to the File Upload field on your form. To do this, set the File Name and Body to Field; then select the File Upload field (labeled "Attachment" in our example) from the list of fields. After that, you should be all set! Once this has been mapped and a Form is submitted, the upload will appear as an attachment in the Linked Object (set by the Parent ID - see # 3).


Additional Information

"Salesforce error: Required fields are missing"

If you've received this error message upon submitting a Form or attempting to receive a submission, this is caused by the Upload Field on the Formstack Form not being required and/or hidden by Logic.  

When using an Attachment Object, the File Name and Body fields are required therefore all Submissions must have a data input for these fields or Salesforce will reject the submission.  There is not a way within the Formstack application to set these fields to optional, rather the required setting is stipulated and set by Salesforce.  If you would like your Upload Fields to be optional or they may be hidden by Field Logic, we have a workaround outlined here.


File Upload Fields

For more information on Formstack's File Upload field and its general capabilities, read our support doc on File Upload fields. There you can see how to adjust file name settings for uploaded files, how to indicate whether you want to receive file attachments via notification emails, and more.

 Additionally, our Support doc on notification emails provides further information regarding file attachments and emails.

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