Creating PDF Submissions with Zapier

Using Zapier to save Submissions to PDF

This option will allow you to collect Form Submissions and automatically forward these to Zapier via a custom Email Address. Once the submission hits Zapier, the Notification Email with all Submitted Data will be sent and saved to your Google Drive Account as a PDF all within a few seconds of receiving your Form Submission!


If you are looking to save your Form Submissions to PDF, there are several options available in Formstack:

  1. Integrate with Formstack Documents to automatically save submitted data to PDF.
  2. Export your Submissions via Formstack to a PDF format.
  3. Using Notification Emails, send submitted data to your Email Account and print/save these to PDF.
  4. Leverage Zapier's Email-to-Google Drive PDF connection to save Notification Emails automatically to your Google Drive in a PDF format.


In this article, we'll be exploring the fourth option, using Zapier to receive Form Notification Emails and send these to your Google Drive Account and save as PDF.

Note: This method of capturing PDF Submissions will require the use of Zapier and Google Drive and is not recommended or intended for HIPAA Compliant Accounts. Depending on your usage, you may use the Freemium version of Zapier, however, for high-volume Submissions, you may require a paid version of Zapier.

1.) First, you'll want to log into your Formstack account and create your form that will be used to capture information to save as PDF.

2.) Go to and either log into your existing Account or sign up for an Account if you do not already have one. 

3.) Once you’re logged in, click here and then click the option 'Use this Zap' which will launch the creation process.

4.) In the Zap search bar, search for 'Email by Zapier' and select this option when it appears.

5.) Choose the ‘New Inbound Email’ as the trigger and then click 'Continue'.

6.) Create a Zapier Email address. This will be used as the recipient of your Notification Emails when a Form submits. Creating this email address will not affect your primary Email Address or Formstack Account in any way.

Pro Tip: You may consider giving this Email Address an identifier so you know what it was set up for and how/where it is being used. This may be particularly helpful if you have multiple Zapier Email addresses.

Once the Email Address has been created, click the 'Copy to clipboard' option (you will need this later) and click 'Continue'.



7.) Using your Email Account (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc.), send a Test Email to the Zapier email address that you created and copied in step 6. After the test email has been sent and received, your Zapier page should update automatically, reflecting the successful connection. Once you see this, click 'Continue' to move on.


8.) Next, you'll create your Print Job connection using Google Cloud. In the Google Cloud settings page, select the 'Submit Print Job' option and continue to the next step.

9.) Here you will be asked to authenticate your Zapier Account to your Google Drive Account. This will allow emails sent to your custom Zapier Email Address to save as PDFs in your Google Drive Account. After your connection has been made, you can test this through Zapier and you should see a saved PDF in Google Drive within a few seconds.


10.) Now Zapier will ask you to set up a Template for these messages. Templates allow you to customize each portion of these settings, including where the files are saved, styling, and the file naming convention. These settings are optional so you may leave these at their default settings.



11.) The last Zapier step will be a final test between your custom Zapier Email and your Google Drive Account. Once triggered, you should see a success message in Zapier as well as a newly generated test PDF in your Google Drive Account. After you have received the test PDF, you can delete this file in Google Drive.


12.) Log back into your Formstack Account and navigate to the Form(s) where you'd like Submissions to be automatically saved as PDF to your Google Drive.

Once in your Form, go to Settings > Emails & Actions > Notification Emails. For the recipient Email Address, enter your custom Zapier Email created in earlier steps and save your changes.



13.) As a final step, you may test your Form Submission-to-Google PDF Zapier connection by submitting your Form with test data OR by resending a previously submitting Form from your Submission table. To do this, navigate to the Form > Submission tab > click on a Submission > choose the 'Resend Notification Email' option and select your Zapier Email from the available listing.

When viewing your PDF in Google, if you would like to make styling changes to these PDFs, please note that this must be done in Zapier under your Email Templates (see step 10 in this Guide) or in the Google Drive Account.


Once the test is successful, your Formstack to Google Drive PDF integration via Zapier is complete and any submissions going forward will now save to Google as PDFs!

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