Payflow Pro Integration

​In addition to PayPal Website Payments Standard and PayPal Pro, Formstack also integrates with PayPal Payflow Pro. 

Payflow Pro is an on-form payment processor. Payments are still processed by Payflow, but the payment information is transferred via the form at submission. To set up this integration, you will need to build a form that contains at least one price field and a credit card field.  Once you have this form built, you are then ready to add the Payflow Pro integration.

Go to Settings > Integration > Payments and click the "Add" next to the Payflow Payment Gateway integration icon. The integration will be added underneath the Integration where you can begin the setup.



You will then need to enter your User, Vendor, Partner and Password info for Payflow Pro account.


According to the Payflow Pro Developer Guide:


USER - If you set up one or more additional users on the account, this value is the ID of the user authorized to process transactions.  If, however, you have not set up additional users on the account, USER has the same value as VENDOR. 

VENDOR - Your merchant login ID that you created when your registered for the account.

PARTNER - The ID provided to you by the authorized PayPal Reseller who registered you for the Payflow SKD.  If you purchased your account directly from PayPal, use PayPal.

PASSWORD - The password that you defined while registering for the account.

To find your PayPal Payflow Pro account information, log in to your PayPal Payflow Pro account and click on Account Administration > Manage Users and then click on the user login link. You should find your Partner, User and Vendor login info there.

After you have added that information to your settings, choose which field on your form contains your Price or Total and which fields are your credit card and exp. date fields and map those to the appropriate fields in your integration settings. All of the other fields in the integration settings are optional. 

For instance, you can choose to map to a single price field, or multiple price fields. If you choose to map to multiple items, each item price must be listed in a separate field in your form. Multiple item mapping is not possible unless each item price is in a separate field. It is easiest to create a total field on your form to calculate the total amount due, and then choose "single item" transaction and map the price field to your total field from your form. You don't need to set the quantity field at all, unless you have a quantity option and the quantity is also not calculated in the total/price field. Again, if you are mapping to multiple items, each item must have it's own separate quantity field.


Also, you can hard set a Shipping and Tax rate, and map Customer Information fields that will appear in transaction details in Payflow.




ERROR: Error processing payment: User authentication failed

This error is returned directly from PayPal and means that your PayPal Payflow Pro login credentials are wrong, your PayPal Payflow Pro account is in test mode, or you have the "Allowed IP address" feature turned on.

Keep in mind that while your password is the same as the one you log into your account with by default, it will be different if you have a transaction password set up in your main account.  If you are using the credentials of a sub-user account, the password will be that of the sub-user unless you have a transaction password set up in your main account.

To check if you have a transaction password enabled, log into PayPal Payflow Pro and click on Account Administration > Manage Security > Change Password.  If there's a link to "Change Payflow Pro Transaction password," then you have a transaction password that is different than the password you use to log into your account.  If you don't remember the password, you can reset it.  PayPal says it will take up to an hour for this new password to go into effect.

To check if you are in test mode, on the PayPal Payflow Pro home screen when you first log in, look for a box on the bottom right labeled "Service Summary".  The status next to Payflow Pro should show that the account is active and live.

To check if you have the "Allowed IP address" feature turned on in your PayPal Payflow Pro account, log in and click on Account Administration > Manage Security.  You should not see any IP addresses there.  If you do, reset that page and clear out the IP addresses.

If your PayPal item description is sending over the wrong description, what's likely happened is that you've copied this form from another form and the description has gotten cached. Try removing the Payflow integration from the form and adding it back again to reset this.


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