Mailchimp Integration

If you're using Mailchimp for newsletters or email campaigns, you can use it in conjunction with Formstack newsletter sign-up forms, lead generation forms, or any form where you might want to add a "sign up for our newsletter" option.


Our Mailchimp integration will add a contact to your list upon submission of the form OR if the user is already there, the contact will be updated with any new info submitted via their Email Address.


To add Mailchimp to your form, click on the Settings > Integration > Email and then click on the "Add" button next to Mailchimp.  



This will create a new tab below the Integration labeled "Mailchimp" and you will automatically be taken to the Mailchimp integration settings editable inside that tab.



First, click to "Log in to Mailchimp" to sync your account with Formstack. If you already have Mailchimp integrated with another form, you will also be able to copy over your credentials. If you are logging in for the first time, you will be sent to Mailchimp to authorize access to Formstack.



After entering your credentials and clicking "Login", you will be redirected back to the Integration Settings page in Formstack. Now, you will need to choose the Subscriber List you want your form to populate and map the fields on your form to your Mailchimp fields by choosing them from the drop-down menus. The only required fields are Subscriber List and Email Address. The other fields are optional. Any changes will automatically save.

If you want to allow individuals to confirm their subscription prior to being added to your list, you can check "Double Opt-In". If this is checked, individuals will NOT be automatically added to your list. Instead, after submission of the form, they will be sent an email from Mailchimp confirming their interest and subscription. With this checked, they will only be added if they confirm via that email. If you don't check "Double Opt-In", individuals WILL be automatically added to your list upon submission of the form.

When you have all the desired fields mapped, make sure you toggle the integration to "on" via the "Run Mode" section at the top of the integration settings.


Re-Running the Integration

If an integration fails upon submission, check your integration settings for errors in API or login credentials or in the mapping of form fields. Then, click on a submission in your database. You will see ‘Integration Status’ on the left side of the submission. Click "Run Again". The integration will begin running. If it is successful, a green "Success" message will appear. If it is not, a red "Failed” message will be shown. If this happens, go back to your integration settings and check for other errors in setup.

Notes:  If mapping interest groups, Formstack options must be a radio button or checkbox field and match the interest groups EXACTLY as they are case sensitive.  You will receive an error similar to this if they don't match:


There was an error submitting the form. Mailchimp error: "####" is not a valid Interest Grouping id for the list:  "Name of List"


If you have an 'Other' option on your radio button or checkbox field, these values will not translate into the Mailchimp interest group because the value would not match exactly with a value from the Mailchimp field. If any value is entered into the 'other' option, the integration will fail to send to Mailchimp.


Also, if you make ANY changes to your lists in Mailchimp you MUST refresh the integration settings in Formstack. You can do this via the green refresh arrows shown next to the Subscriber List above.

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