WePay is an online payment service used to accept payments from a group to put towards a shared purpose. WePay will redirect your form submitter to a separate payment page to complete payment. Therefore, your form cannot redirect to default or custom messages upon form submission.


To add the WePay integration to your form, click on Settings > Integrations > Payments > Click the Add button next to WePay. Additionally, you can use the Search Bar to easily find it. The integration will be added under the Integration Tab where you can begin the setup.



Next, click on the Log into WePay button.  


If you have a WePay account, you will Grant Access to the account now. If you do not have an account, you can create one.  



Once you have logged into your WePay account or set up a new WePay account, you can map the Fields on your Form to WePay. Any fields with red asterisks next to them are required fields and the integration won't turn on without them filled out.

When the Form is submitted, the data will be stored in your Formstack database and the end user will be redirected to WePay. When the end user is redirected to WePay they will be presented with a bill for the dollar amount that was calculated on the form. The user will have the option to pay with credit card or bank account.  The funds they pay will be sent to your WePay account.


Note: Since WePay is an off-form payment processor integration that collects credit card information after submission, a credit card field is not required on the form itself. 


Token & Authentication issues/handling 

When setting up WePay on multiple Forms, there are some important things to note.  The WePay authentication process involves the creation and storage of an Access Token to make requests to their service AND a Refresh Token to use when the Access Token is outdated and needs to be replaced. The WePay program allows for only one set of Access and Refresh Tokens to exist for a given WePay account in the Formstack App. So, if you create Form A, add WePay, create Form B and add WePay to this second Form without using the "Copy Authentication Credentials tool", Form A’s credentials will be affected.


Additionally, the tokens provided by WePay will expire after some time. The Refresh Token is in place so that Formstack can update the Access Token, however, the act of updating these Tokens invalidates Tokens on other Forms just like clicking and following through with “Log in to WePay” when adding an integration does.


If you experience any Token or Authentication Errors on Forms integrated with WePay, you will want to remove the integration from the Form and then re-add the integration, this time copying the credentials from you most recently used form, rather than entering them manually.


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