Formstack Documents (Formerly WebMerge)

With our Formstack Documents integration (formerly WebMerge,) you can easily create PDF documents on the fly from your form submissions and email them to yourself or your customers.

This could come in handy for a number of things.  For example, you could use this integration if you want to create a nice looking ticket for an event or if you are accepting an online application that needs to be printed and signed. 


To add the Formstack Documents integration to your form, go to Settings > Integration > Documents and then click the Add button next to Formstack Documents. The integration will be added below the Integrations tab where you can begin adding your Formstack Documents credentials.

If you do not have a Formstack Documents account:


Click "Start Free Trial" button. This will redirect you to your Admin Panel to start your Documents trial.

Once your Documents trial has started navigate back to your Form and continue with the directions in the next section. 

If you already have a Formstack Documents account: 


Click "Login to Formstack Documents." YourFormstack Documents API Key and API Secret should automatically populate.

If this doesn’t happen, login to your Documents account and obtain key and secret at

From here, there are two options for document creation:

Create a new document from your Form in Formstack Documents


Click "Create new document using this form" button. This will auto-create a document in Formstack Documents with your form HTML and setup the integration, auto-mapping all the fields. This is the fastest way to create a new Document template from a Form.


Use a pre-built Document template in Formstack Documents


If you already have a document built in Formstack Documents, click "Choose document" This will show the rest of the integration settings so you can select the document you want to use.


Then, match up the merge fields on the document (on the left) with the fields on your form (using the dropdown fields on the right).


Customizing Your Document Template in Formstack Documents


Once you’ve selected the Document you want to populate with your Form submission, click ‘Customize your document in Formstack Documents’. This will redirect you to your Documents account to personalize your document template and set up your delivery preferences.

Data Route 


This option can be used to automatically send incoming data to multiple documents in your account. You can even define specific conditions (based on logic) that determine which documents to run. To use this, you will first need to create a Data Route in your Formstack Documents account and then define your Rules and Settings in Formstack Documents. This will determine how and where the data submitted in the forms will populate the data in your Formstack Documents files.  

Note: Data Route rules in Formstack Documents are different from the Data routing rules on the forms. 

Error Handling


You can choose to be alerted if and when the Formstack Documents integration fails. Enter one email address per line and if something goes wrong upon submission you will receive an email letting you know!

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