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If you're using Email Center Pro as your CRM system to manage leads, you'll be happy to know that Formstack integrates with ECP.  If you create a lead generation form with Formstack, a lead fills out that form and their info goes into ECP so that it can be used for follow-up calls, IMs, faxes, etc.  When a form is submitted, Formstack searches the Email Center Pro database for a contact with a matching e-mail address.  If one is found, the new info submitted replaces the old info for that contact, otherwise, a new contact is added.



To add Email Center Pro integration to your form, click on Settings > Integrations  > Email and then click the "Add" button next to Email Center Pro. There is also a Search Bar to easily find the integration.  This will create an Email Center Pro tab below the Integrations Hub tab.  Click on this new tab and fill in your Site Name, API Key and Secret Key.



To find your API Key and Secret Key, you will need to log into your Email Center Pro account and click on Account & Tools at the top of the screen and then Tools > API Keys.  Your API Key and Secret Key will be found here.  Cut and paste these into the Formstack integration page.



At this point, your Contact Fields from Email Center Pro should appear.  Map the fields on your form to the proper fields on Email Center Pro, choose a Contact label (require) and add any tags you may have (optional), and then hit Save Settings.


Note:  The required Contact Label field on the Email Center Pro integration page tells Email Center Pro which card to update or create.  Your contacts can have multiple cards if you use different Contact Labels for different forms.



Re-Running the Integration

If an integration fails upon submission, check your integration settings for errors in API or login credentials or in the mapping of form fields. Then, click on a submission in your database. You will see ‘Integration Status’ on the left side of the submission. Click "Run Again". The integration will begin running. If it is successful, a green "Success" message will appear. If it is not, a red "Failed” message will be shown. If this happens, go back to your integration settings and check for other errors in setup.


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