Form Widgets

Browse the Formstack Form widgets to include on your Form such as maps, address auto-fills, field imagery, and more!  These additional features can make your Form more user-friendly and help the Form stand out and have more impact. Select a widget link below to see a live example and learn more. 

Please note that Widgets will require minor code on the Form which our Support or Professional Service Teams can assist with.   If you would like to add a Widget to your Form, please submit a request to the Support team and we will follow-up directly with additional information and next steps.


“You Are Here” Map Locator

  • ​​This allows you to collect the user’s location when they fill out the form and show that location on a map on the form.​

Input to Field Title

  • ​​Will take the data from one field and input it into other Field(s).  In this example, the first two fields are auto-entering into the following fields.​

Visual Address, Google Maps on a Form

  • ​​This allows you to set an address on a Google Maps form and show where that address is on a form. ​

Date Countdown

  • ​​This adds a timer to the form where you can set up a specific time and then have a countdown on the form.​

Text Translator

  • ​​This adds a dropdown list to the form where the user selects a language and then the form is translated into that language. ​

Show Google Calendar

  • ​​This allows you to embed a Google Calendar to a form

Image Slider

  • ​​This adds an image display that automatically slides through multiple photos.

Field Fill

  • ​​This will take data from any Short Answer, Number or Long Answer field and auto-populate another one of those fields on the form.

Timed Submissions

  • ​​This adds a timer to the form that will redirect the user to the form to a different page after a specified time.

Font Awesome

  • ​​This allows you to add Font Awesome icons to your form.​

Unique Number

  • ​​This automatically populates a field on the form with a unique number so there is a number saved with each submission before the user submits.

Draggable Map

  • ​​This adds a map to the form where the user can move a marker and collect the longitude and latitude of that marker.

Images for Checkbox

  • ​​This allows you to make the options into checkbox clickable images. ​
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