Adding Tables to your Forms

You can now add Tables to your Description Area! These are not fillable tables but are a good way to display information on your Forms that would previously be placed directly into Description Areas or Sections and then formatted manually.


Inserting Table to Section or Description Area

To add a Table to your Form, you'll first want to add a Description Area to the part of the Form where you'd like your table to be. Then click the Description Area and the sidebar options will appear (as shown below):


Entering Text

Once you've selected how many columns and rows are needed and then clicking 'Insert', you'll see an empty table appear. From here you can input the text as needed, formatting the font using the toolbar.  You can also click the Table icon again if needing to add/delete columns and/or rows.


Advanced Editing

If you'd like to make some more advanced edits or formatting to your Tables and have knowledge of HTML, you can edit the code directly to do so. Locate the source code icon on the toolbar and the field switches to an advanced editor where you can view and change the code directly:


You can also apply CSS to the Theme of your Form to further edit your Tables. For example, Tables by default don't appear with a border and the text isn't center aligned, which are both formatting features that are commonly preferred when adding tables. If your Theme has this CSS applied to it:


.fsBody table {text-align: center;}

.fsBody table {

         border-color: black;

         border-style: solid;

         border-width: 2px;


.fsBody table td {

         border-color: black;

     border-style: solid;

     border-width: 2px;



Then your Table will go from appearing like this:

To this:

Further details about styling your Forms using CSS and how that can be added to your Themes can be found here.


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