Conditional Logic Tips

Here are a few things you should know when working with conditional logic:


Confirm your options labels before you create your logic

If you need to delete any options or add option values you’ll need to re-do the logic rules. This goes for any email or routing logic you have already set up, too.


Make your field labels different to avoid confusion when creating logic rules



If you have multiple fields on your form with the same label, then you may have trouble setting up logic rules based on the correct fields.



For example, if you’re building a multi-person registration form and you want the submitter to check off a box after each section to register another person you’ll need to make the field label unique. That way, when you go to create your logic rules on your sections you can easily tell which field should trigger the logic for each section.


Logic rules work based on the option label until option values are added

Conditional logic rules look at the option label to act until option values are used. Once values are enabled the logic rule will look at the value. 

This is important to remember when setting up email routing logic. If you’re sending two confirmation emails based on the selection of two options that both have an equivalent value (for example 0 and 0.0) both emails will send.



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