Verify Email Addresses with BriteVerify

BriteVerify allows you to verify and validate entered email addresses before the form is submitted. Email validation can help reduce your bounce rates and ensure your messages are being delivered to the right people.


Note: To utilize this option, you will need an existing BriteForms Account.  BriteForms is a third-party application, separate from Formstack.  BriteForms is no longer allowing new Account signups, therefore, you must have an existing BriteForms Account to utilize this option.  If you do not have an existing BriteForms Account, you may also use the NeverBounce Email validation option.


Configuring Your Formstack Form

Next, you'll want to log into your Formstack account and navigate to the Build tab on your form or create a new form. Be sure the form you are using contains at least one Email Address field.



Once you have created or edited your form as needed, you will need to obtain the form URL so it can be added to your list of Trusted Domains in BriteForms. Click the "View Live Form" button in the upper-right of your Build screen to open the form in a live page and then copy the URL. (Or find and copy the URL in your form's Publish tab.)


Updating Your Trusted Domains

Back in your BriteForms account, click the Trusted Domains button, paste the copied form URL into the field, and click "Add Domain."



Next, click the + New Form button, name your form, and click "Create Form." Copy the code snippet because you will paste this in the following step.



Adding Your Embed Code

With the form created and your Trusted Domains updated with the form URL, you'll need to paste the BriteForms code into your form. Go back to your Formstack account, and in the Build tab you'll see a section on the right that says "Advanced Fields." Drag the "Embed Code" field from this section to the bottom of your form.   



Click on the new field to edit, paste the code you generated from BriteForms, and then click the arrow button to exit the code editor.



Next, you'll be able to test the form to make sure everything is working correctly. Click the "View Live Form" button in the upper-right portion of your screen to open your form in a new window. Please note: By default your form is set to "test mode." In the next step, you will take your form out of test mode. During test mode, you will only be able to test using the following addresses: This will simulate a valid verification. This will simulate an invalid verification. This will simulate an unknown verification. This will simulate an accept_all verification. This will simulate a submission suspected of being fraudulent.




Moving from Test to Live Mode

In your BriteForms Account, click on the "Forms" tab then on the "BriteForm" you created earlier. When your form is ready to be turned live, click on the form and toggle the switch at the top of your analytics page from "Test" to "Live." That's it! Your Formstack form is now ready to be published to your website.




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