Embedding HTML, Videos, Maps, and Widgets into Forms

A powerful feature of Formstack that many people don't take advantage of is the ability to place HTML into your forms. Now, just because you don't know HTML, doesn't mean you can't use this feature. Many websites give you embed codes for videos, maps, and widgets that you can place on your own site.  These embed codes will work on your forms as well if inserted correctly.

The possible uses are endless, but one likely scenario is an RSVP form that includes a map to your location. Another would be a form that includes a YouTube video and asks you to answer several questions about the video. A third possible use would be including a widget in a holiday-themed form. For example, you might want to throw a flash widget of some dancing, singing elves onto your Christmas pitch-in dinner sign-up form. Let's walk through the steps of the YouTube example.

The first step for embedding a YouTube video on your form is to go to the page for the video you want and look for the embed code (found by clicking on Share > Embed under the video). Go ahead and copy this code.

Youtube Page


Next, log into Formstack and start building your form. Click and drag the Embed Code field onto your form. Paste your video embed code from YouTube into the Embed Code box on the left and you're done!



Now, if you want to embed anything else in your forms, such as a widget or map, it works exactly the same way. You grab the embed code and paste it into an Embed Code field on your form (in plain text view).

Note: While Formstack provides the ability to add custom code to your forms via the Embed Code field, we're unable to directly support the code itself. If needing assistance developing custom code or widgets please reach out to our Professional Services team.

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