Creating a New Form

Step 1 - Create a New Form

To begin creating a form,  click the "Create" button on the Forms tab. This will always appear at the top right of the Forms tab but will also appear in the middle of the page if no forms have been created yet. There is also the option to import a form from a form URL or HTML. For more details, click Here.  



Note: If you do not see this button you may not have permission to create forms. Please contact your account admin so he or she can adjust your permissions settings.

When selecting the Create New Form, you will then have the option to add the Form Name, URL, and Language. The form URL will automatically populate with the form name. If the form URL is already taken, you will be prompt to use another URL. At any point you can click 'Start with blank form instead' at the bottom of the window to go directly into the  Builder.



Next, you can choose a template from the options we have available. 


Continuing by using a Template will give the option to select a Category such as Sales, HR/Workflow, IT, etc. Based on the Category selected, a list of popular templates will appear. 

Before it begins creating your form, there will be the option to select the Theme of the form. The options will include the Default theme, Light, or Dark stocked themes. If there is another Theme that you wish to use, you can select it in the Builder.


Step 2 - Build/Add Fields

Drag a field from the Form Fields menu on the left of the form builder to add the fields you want to your form.  


When you click on a field, you'll see a window slide out from the left where you have options to edit the field you're on. See our support doc titled Add, Edit, Delete, Copy, Move Fields for more information.


Step 3 - Form Settings

Click the Settings tab to set the name of a form, the language, the theme, emails & redirects, 3rd party integrations, and plugins. You may also enable security features and add user access to the form.

Step 4 - Share/Use Your Form

Click the Share tab to find the link to your form (the Hosted URL) and the embed code needed to place the form on your website. The Quick Start menu provides the link to your Form and also the JavaScript Embed Code, which can both be quickly and easily copied by clicking the 'COPY' buttons. You can also access Lightbox and iFrame embed codes by clicking the 'Embed Form' option along the left. Click on "Social Media" to find directions on how to embed your form in Wordpress, Joomla, and TypePad.


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