Flow of the Workflow

Q. Who can receive Workflows?

  1. With the initial step, anyone can receive and participate in a Workflow step. After Step 1, only individuals Formstack Standard or Participant Users can participant in Workflow steps.

Q. Is there a way to edit or customize the automated emails to participants when the workflow moves through the sections?

  1. At this time, our automated system sends these emails and we don't have the ability to edit these within the application.

Q. Is it possible to assign multiple participants to one step within the Workflow?

  1. Currently, it's also not possible to send a workflow step to more than one participant per step. This is because a step is only intended to be completed by one individual. Once the step is completed, the form submission process continues on to the next step. At the end, these step all get compiled into one single submission.  

Q. Can I resend a workflow notification/reminder email to a participant who may be holding up the process?

  1. Yes! If one of your workflow participants has lost the link to complete their step of the workflow form, you can resend it to them by going to the submissions tab and clicking the Resend Assignment Email at the top of the table. Additionally, you can resend the email by clicking the specific submission and selecting the Resend Assignment Email button on the left-hand side.

Q. Is it possible to edit a workflow submission that is "In progress"

  1. At this time we are unable to edit the workflow submission prior the workflow being completed.

Q. Is it possible to convert an existing form to a Workflow form?

  1. At this time, we do not have the ability to convert an existing form into a workflow form. However, you can copy an existing form and choose to make that copy a workflow form. 

Q. How can I delete a step in Workflow?

  1. To delete a step in a workflow draft, click the three dots in the right corner of the step you want to delete and then choose 'Delete This Step'.

Q. My workflow participants are getting the error “form encryption password required” on the entry steps of their portion the workflow form. How can we resolve this?

  1. If encryption is enabled on the Workflow form each participant will be required to enter the encryption password to complete their section. Please keep in mind that the encryption password is not the account password and must be provided.​

Q. My workflow participant are getting the error 'This account has reached its limit for new submissions. On *date* you can return to fill out this form. Please reach out to *form creator email* if you have questions!' when they try to fill out the form.

  1. If you're seeing that error, it means you've maxed out the number of Participant Users who can participant in a workflow form during the month. You can upgrade to a higher Participant User pack by going to the Users and Groups tab and selecting, "Purchase additional user." or you can wait to complete the form during the next calendar month.
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