Can I resend Notification Emails?

You may find that in some cases you will want to resend a Notification Email to yourself or another individual on your team. You may even send to another recipient outside of your Formstack account.

Resending the Notification Email

 This can be done by going into the Form > Submissions > click on the Submission you would like to resend.  Along the top of the page, you will see a "Resend Notification Email" button and click this will allow you to enter the Notification Email recipients for this Resend. 

Any email addresses that are already set to receive the notification emails are available first. Check off any that you'd like to resend the emails to. 

You may also enter as many new email addresses as you'd like in the 'Add custom email(s)' field.  Resending a Submission will not sign up these recipients for additional Notification emails, rather they will only receive this Resend as a one-time execution. These recipients will receive a default 'All Submitted Data' formatted notification email even if a custom email has been set up. 

Additional resends can be made on other Submissions by going back into the Form Submission menu and clicking another Submission. 

Important Note: The Resend function will check the Email routing rules before attempting to resend.  If you want to resend a Notification Email to a selected Email address, you will either need to make sure the submitted data matches the Email Routing Rules and/or manually enter their email address in the "Add Custom Email" Field. The "Add Custom Email" Field option would only be needed in a case where you wanted to send an email to someone who was left out of the initial email due to the Logic settings on the Notification Email.


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