Healthcare & HIPAA Guide

Welcome to Formstack! This document can be used to give you an overview of the features available to you while on our HIPAA Edition plans and also some best practices to make sure you're getting the most out of your account while also keeping your data secure.


Top Used Features

Workflow Forms. Workflows are a way to collaborate with other users on form submissions, allowing multiple participants to fill out different parts of a form at different times.

Note: Workflows are only available as an Add-On to your account. Please reach out to your account rep or Formstack support for pricing and access.

Notification and Confirmation Emails. Notification Emails allow you to send an email to a set email address whenever a submission is made, notifying the recipient that the submission has come in. Confirmation Emails send out to an email address on the form, sending a message to the submitter once they've completed the form.

Data Routing. Data Routing is the method of adding conditional logic to integrations, submission messages, and redirects to determine if/when each happens depending upon how the form is answered.

Advanced PDF. Our Advanced PDF feature allows you to attach a PDF copy of a submission to confirmation/notification emails and also customize those PDFs to include the information of our choice or even a logo at the top.

Themes. Themes allow you to customize the look and feel of your form, including fonts, colors, and custom headers/footers.  

SMTP Integration. Our SMTP integration allows you to connect your personal email server with Formstack so you can send out notification and confirmation emails via that method as opposed to our own servers. This can ensure you can control the environment of the server to minimize any deliverability issues and also include submitted data in your emails.  Please note, access to use SMTP is plan-specific and not included in all plan levels. 

Workflow Forms

Notification Emails & Confirmation Emails

Data Routing

Advanced PDF



Securing your forms and data.

There are several features you can implement in your account to fully secure your forms and data. You can find these listed below:

Data Encryption. Data encryption can be found in Settings > Security and is required if you're collecting sensitive data on your forms. This fully encrypts the submissions database, ensuring that only those users that know the encryption password can access that data.

PGP Encryption. PGP Email Encryption will allow you to connect a PGP service to your account in order to encrypt the notification emails that are sent from the account, ensuring they are secured.

Two-Factor Authentication. Two-factor authentication adds a secondary layer of security to your Formstack user accounts. This will require that your users log in with their email and password while also requiring a code be entered that is sent to the user's connected mobile device.



The following integrations are all currently available on our HIPAA Edition of Formstack:


Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Google Drive

​Google Sheets

Google Calendar

Google Contacts

Formstack Documents (formerly WebMerge)

Note: While all are available, some integrations are only available on certain plan levels. If one listed isn't available within your account, please contact your account representative or Formstack support for more information.



While the Formstack form builder is very intuitive and easy to use in creating custom forms, we also have a large variety of templates available for use. This will allow you to start with a fully built form that you can still customize as you see fit, cutting down on the amount of time spent building forms and allowing you to get right to collecting data!

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