The Difference Between Notification and Confirmation Emails

Formstack offers two types of emails that can be sent after the form is successfully submitted - Notification emails and Confirmation emails. If you’re unfamiliar with the Formstack terminology the difference between these two can be confusing.


Primary differences:

Notification emails are intended to be sent internally to alert and/or deliver the submission data the form builder or form owner of a form submission.

Confirmation emails are intended to be sent to the form submitter to confirm to that person that the form has been submitted successfully. They can provide the information the person submitted on the form or be used to thank the user for submitting the form.


Some other differences include:

The number of emails that can be sent per submission

Notification emails: Unlimited

Confirmation emails: Three (3)


The number of recipients per email

Notification emails: Unlimited

Confirmation emails: One email address


Re-Sending Emails

Notification emails: Yes - It is possible to resend notification emails.

Confirmation emails: No

If confirmation emails fail to reach your recipients or you need to email all of your form submitters you will need to export your submission data, collect the email addresses, and send out a mass-email to those addresses using a separate email marketing tool.


Sending Attachments

Notification emails: Yes - send the actual files uploaded on the form (up to 14MB)

Confirmation emails: Yes - files uploaded will be sent as links; any files shared with end user must be included in the email as a hyperlink.

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