Contacting Formstack Support

Phone Support

We are currently offering scheduled phone support on Pro plan levels and above. For Starter and Teams plans, Email support is included in your plan level. 

Submitting a ticket

To contact our Support Team, simply click the green ‘Submit Ticket by Logging In’ button at the top of the Support site. This way, we’ll have your basic account information readily available and you’ll be able to track your cases through the Support Portal.

To make your email support experience as smooth and easy as possible please provide the following information in your ticket: 

  • The Form URL or Form ID of the form in question.

  • The email address associated with the Formstack account in question if it’s not the address you’re emailing from.

  • A detailed description of what you’re trying to accomplish or the issue you’re encountering.

  • Screenshots of the issue and/or any errors you’re seeing.

  • A list of the ways you’ve tried troubleshooting the issue so the support specialist doesn’t provide options that you’ve already tried. 

Reporting Bugs

If you believe you’ve found a bug please include the following information in your ticket:

  • Screenshots or screencasts of the error/issue.

  • A description of the issue you are experiencing and any steps taken to reproduce.

  • Information regarding the system you’re using when experiencing the issue including the name and version of the Operating System and Browser.

  • A link to the form from Formstack and a link to the site where the form is embedded (if applicable)


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