Description Area Fields

Description Area fields allow you to insert rich text (photos, formatted text, links, etc.) into your form.  To add a Description Area field to your form, drag and drop the Description Field (under "Advanced Fields") onto the Build page for your form.


The rich text editor allows you to insert formatted text, images, and links into your description area field for display on your form. A few tips:

  • If you'd like to hyperlink any text in your description area, click the hyperlink button. If you need to add an email address, use the hyperlink button and enter "mailto:(insertemailaddresshere)" - this will allow the clicked link to open a new email message.
  • You can align the text in different ways (center, left, etc.) by clicking the "Align" button in the Description area editor.
  • We have gotten several questions about being able to include Description Area fields in a confirmation email. Unfortunately, there is no Custom ID for this field that can be included in a Confirmation Email. However, you can edit your Confirmation Email to include the same content as the Description Area field by going to Emails and Redirects > Add a Confirmation Email > Custom Message and pasting your content there.


Below is an example of what a description area field looks like on a form.



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