Saved Lists

You can easily create a list that can be saved and used again in future fields on one form or in a completely different form within the same account. Saved Lists are shared across all users in an account. If you're on a Gold or higher tiered plan, this feature has been replaced by our Smart Lists feature. Smart Lists is a dynamic way to update all of your lists across all of your forms. 

Creating a Saved List

To create a "Saved List", first add a Checkbox, Dropdown List, or Radio Button field to your form. You can either type the list first in the simple options editor or just click to open the "Advanced Options Editor" and type them there.

 You can also import your options to the field via a CSV file inside the "Advanced Options Editor". After you have added your options, click to "save these options to a list". A pop-up will appear so that you can name your list.


 Now, you have a Saved List of options that you can pull into another Checkbox, Dropdown List, or Radio Button field on that form or another form in your account.


Accessing & Using a Saved List

First, add a Checkbox, Dropdown List, or Radio Button field to your form. Then, inside the "Advanced Options Editor", select the Saved List that you would like to use from the "Saved Lists" dropdown in the top right corner of the editor.

 Once you select the list, the options will automatically populate in the field.


Editing & Updating a Saved List

If you want to use a saved set of options as a starting point, but need to make a few tweaks, you can still select the Saved List from the editor and then edit the options as necessary. Unless you save over the existing Saved List, the options will only be edited in that instance alone on that field. 

If you want to make permanent changes to the list, pull up the Saved List and edit the necessary options. Then, click to "Save it" and those options will now be saved in that list and on that specific field. This does not edit/update other instances of this list across other fields/forms. You'll need to go into other fields using this list and manually select the new Saved List to update that instance.

You can also Rename and Delete Lists in this editor as well. Deleting a "Saved List" deletes the options on that field specifically and the list itself from the Saved Lists options. It does not delete the list from other fields that were using the Saved List.

Please Note:
Larger lists may take a longer time to load and if your form has additional complexity, like a very large amount of logic built in, it may impact the performance of the form. 

If you're upgrading to a higher tiered plan, all of your Saved Lists will automatically become Smart Lists

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