Short Answer Fields

Short Answer Fields are intended for simple single-line responses like first name, company name, favorite band, etc. Short Answer Fields can also be used to do calculations.  It is not possible to send text from one Short Answer Field to another on the form, only numbers for calculations. 

To add a Short Answer Field to your form, click on the Short Answer Field in the Form Builder Tools section on the left-hand side of the screen and drag it to the appropriate place on your form. 


 You can make the field required, add supporting text and placeholder text, or hide the label after the field is added to the form.  You can also change the width of the field by editing the field size. This is how the Short Answer Field will appear on your form.  


Adding Options

You can add Options to the Short Answer Field to allow autofill options for your end user. This allows you to set values for the field so a user does not have to fill in the entire field but can select suggestions you've provided.




There are two different ways to add your options for your Short Answer Field:

1) You can click on the plus sign to add more Options

2) You can click the Autocomplete Editor to manage your list of Options. 



This is what it looks like to add Options with the plus sign in the Short Answer Field editor. 



Min/Max Characters

It is possible to limit the text that a user can put into the field, you can do so by setting the minimum or maximum number of characters. You cannot set a limit by the number of words.

Unique IDs and Short Answer Fields 

Every form submission in the database is given a unique ID number. These unique IDs are stored in the database.  You can see the unique ID for a submission by clicking on that submission in the database and viewing the detailed info page for that submission.

 Please note: Since unique ID numbers apply to a form submission as a whole, you cannot assign a separate unique ID to a Short Answer Field. Instead, Short Answer Fields are automatically assigned their own special ID numbers. For example, if you want to include info from a Short Answer Field in a confirmation email, the field will automatically be available on the "Insert Field" list. When you click on the field in the list, it will appear in the body of the email with a special number unique to that field.



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