Creating a Contract with Formstack

One of the many uses of Formstack is in the form of creating an online contract. We have a variety of features to help accomplish this that are outlined below.  

Description Areas

Description Areas are a type of field where rich text can be added into the form for display. This is useful for contracts as you can type in the language of the contract directly into the Description Area or if contract language is found at an external URL you can link to that URL within a Description Area.

If needing the language of your contract to be within the Submissions themselves (useful if needing to export that language or include it in Confirmation Emails) you can do so with a Long Answer field. You'll add this field to the form directly below your Description Area, set it to be hidden, and copy/paste the contract language as the default value in the field. This will ensure that language is in the submission without displaying multiple times to the submitter. 



Many times you'll need to collect the actual signature of the person agreeing to an online contract. For this you can use the Signature field available in the Advanced Fields section of the builder. Once added, your submitters can add their signature using either their mouse or finger, depending upon the type of device being used to access the form.


Agree to terms

Another aspect of contracts that is often needed is an 'Agree to Terms' option. This can be done quickly and easily by using checkbox fields and, if needed, a short answer field to accept printed name and/or initials.


Advanced PDF - Confirmation Emails

A key part of contracts is giving both parties a copy of that contract. You can use our Advanced PDFs feature to attach a PDF copy of a submission to both Notification and Confirmation Emails, ensuring both parties gets that via email.


Note: Advanced PDFs are only available on our Teams Plan and higher.

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