Long Answer Fields

Long Answer Fields are for multi-line responses and large amounts of text, such as comment boxes. To add a Long Answer Field to your form, click on the Long Answer Field in the Form Builder Tools section on the left-hand side of the screen and drag it to the appropriate place on your form.

You can make the field required, add supporting text and placeholder text, or hide the label after the field is added to the form. 



Input Limits and Settings

In the field editor on the left-hand side, you can change the width of the field by setting the number of columns and the height of the field by setting the number of rows.  This is what the long answer field looks like on a form.

It is possible to limit the text that a user can put into the field, you can do so by setting the minimum or maximum number of characters. You cannot set a limit by the number of words.

Please Note: The input limit on these fields is 60,000 characters.  If your form is set up with an integration or redirect, then the accepting program may limit how many characters are accepted in the receiving field.


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