Google Sheets: Commonly Returned Errors

Below is a list of common errors experienced when integrating Formstack Forms and Google Sheets. Here you can reference frequently encountered errors and the suggested corrective action to resolve them. Some errors are dependent on your Form and Google account/file, so additional troubleshooting may be necessary. 

  1. Error: Google returned with status code 403:
  • This issue occurs when you are using V2 of the Google Sheets integration. The Form and integration are using an Authorization Key field in the Google Sheets settings which means this is a V2 of the integration. Removing, saving, and re-adding this in Google and on the Form will get you to V3 and should solve this.
  1. Error: Google returned with status code 502:
  • A 502 error with Google Sheets usually means that there was an issue connecting to Google and a response wasn't returned to Formstack within 90 seconds. You can re-run the integration for the submission by clicking on the individual submission, then clicking on the puzzle piece icon on the right side of the screen, then clicking “Run Again”.
  1. Error: Google returned with status code 400:
  • A Google Sheet Error 400 typically indicates that the credentials used in the integration are invalid. Try removing and re-adding the integration, updating the credentials if they have been changed at all for the Google Sheets account being used. If able to re-add without getting an error, that should resolve any invalid access errors and you can re-run the integration on your existing submissions. This error can also be a problem with "Protected sheets and ranges" if you've altered your spreadsheet lately.
  • If Google Sheets returns a Bad Request - "Unable to retrieve cells" error, this is because you do not have column labels in the first row of your sheet. You have to create the sheet and fields on your sheet across the top row first before they will show in Formstack  - make sure the field names are the same as the field labels on your form.
  1. Error Google returned with status code 500:
  • Remove and re-add the integration, ensuring that the credentials used are correct if they have been updated. Click the green refresh arrow for Sheet and Worksheet in the Integration Settings area with Settings > Integration Hub > Google Sheets to ensure the Sheet and worksheet being integrated still exists within Google Sheets itself.
  1. "ERROR: Error refreshing the OAuth2 token, message: '{ "error" : "internal_failure" }'":
  • Remove and re-add the integration.
  1. Some or all fields remain blank, and no error message is reported
  • Ensure first row in each column is not all numbers; if the header in the Google Sheet is just a value the integration can not recognize where to put in the information.

​7. Unable to find field

  • This error may be caused by an unknown value in the Google Sheets Worksheet field and/or an invalid Worksheet ID, therefore, we recommend refreshing the Google Worksheet in the Formstack Settings to establish a new connection between the Form and Google.


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