Google Calendar: Commonly Returned Errors

Below is a list of common errors experienced when integrating Formstack Forms and Google Calendar. Here you can reference frequently encountered errors and the suggested corrective action to resolve them. Some errors are dependent on your Form and Google account, so additional troubleshooting may be necessary.


  1. Error: Check event duration that you posted. It should be either number of minutes or relative format like "1 hour 2 minutes":
  • This error occurs when the field mapped to Duration is not a field with the correct format for a period of time. The best option would to check the Duration field in the Integration settings to make sure it is mapped to the correct field. These settings can be found by going to the form> Settings>  then Google Calendar under the Integration Hub. In order to map a field to Duration it needs to be a field that displays a specific value of time. If you do not want to use a field for this option you can also use the option "Value" in the integration and choose from one of the pre-chosen durations.


  1. Error: DateTimeZone:: _construct(): Unknown of bad timezone:
  • This error typically indicates that the time zone for the form submission and the time zone for the Google Calendar do not match. In order to check the Google Calendar time zone click on the drop-down arrow next to the Calendar in the list of Calendars in Google Calendar and click Calendar Settings. Also, check that the time being entered on the form fits into the desired time zone.


  1. Error: DateTime:: _construct(): Failed to parse time string (0) at position 0 (0): Unexpected character:
  • If you are receiving this error please check that the fields are correctly mapped in the Google Calendar integration. If the incorrect field is mapped to a location in Google Calendar it may send information to this location that it cannot read. You can check the field mapping by going to the form> Settings and then Google Calendar under the Integration Hub.


  1. Error: You can't use Google Calendar integration without granting access to Formstack first...:
  • This error may occur during set up of the Google Calendar integration. This can indicate that you have not granted access to Formstack through Google Calendar or that all of the required fields for the Google Calendar integration are not mapped. The required fields for the integration are: Integration Mode, Calendar, Title, Start Date and End Date. You can check that these fields are all mapped by going to the form> Settings and then clicking on Google Calendars under the Integration Hub. Also, check under Account Information to make sure it says "You have already granted Formstack access to your Google Calendar Account".  If not, please do so by logging into Google Calendars through the integration and choosing Accept when a prompt for allowing Formstack access pops up.


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