Using Routing Logic to Display Different Submission Messages Based on Form Responses

Here we will explain how to use Routing Logic to create different messaging that will be seen once the Form is submitted.  A different message will display depending on how the end user answers the questions on the Form to provide a more customized user experience.

First, you will want to build your Form with all necessary fields.  The Routing Logic tool can only be activated with Dropdown List, Checkbox, Number, Event fields and Radio button fields, so be sure the field/question you would like to use and the filter criteria are in one of these formats.


Next, go into your Form > Settings > Emails & Actions > Add a Submission Message.  This will populate a window where you can create your first custom message, redirect to an external URL, or display the default message.  

Once the Message is created and saved, you will return to the Emails & Actions screen to add Routing Logic. In this example, we wanted to display an address to send a check when the end user selected Check in the form.

 To set-up, multiple Submit Actions, click on Add a Submission Message. Here we have created a custom message when 'check' is selected and a default message when 'credit card' is selected.  

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