Create Graded Quizzes using Self-Calculating Fields in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Create A Form

You can create a new form from within the Forms tab via the New Form button in the top right of the form menu.




Step 2: Create Your Questions

Once you have your new form started, your next step is to create the question fields. You can use Radio Button fields, Checkbox fields, or Select List fields for your questions. These three fields allow you to add options and values, which you will need to generate the grade/score at the end of the quiz. Once you enter your possible answers in the options column, click Advanced Options Editor and check the "Use separate values" checkbox.

For this example, the correct answer is going to be worth one point, while the incorrect answers will be worth 0; however, you can change the values of the selections as necessary for your quiz. Note, all values must be unique. This means, if 0 needs to be used more than once in the same field, you need to use a variety of value equivalent to 0 - i.e.: 0, 0.0, 0.00 and so on.


 You can also add an "Other" or a "Check All" option. Unfortunately, it is not possible to assign a value to these options, but if "Check All" is selected, the values from all the options in that field will be included.


Step 3: Create The Score Field

Once you have created all the question fields, you need to create a field to display the total score. This field needs to be a Number field and you'll want to set it to "read-only" so that individuals cannot change their scores. If you'd like to hide this field from view on the actual form, you can also check to make this field hidden. To create the calculation, select "Use Calculation" under the "Default Value" field inside the Number field. In the calculation box, select the first question field from the drop-down, then add a + sign, then your second question and a + sign, and so on. If you are giving partial credit in any of your question fields, make sure to set your decimal places to the maximum number allowed by the question field values.


Step 4: Display The Score

You can choose to display the score on the Confirmation Page, custom Thank You Message, or in the Confirmation Email that is sent to the individual after the form is submitted.

To display the score on the Confirmation Page, add a Confirmation Page via the Settings > Plugins tab:


 On the Confirmation Page, you can add the score field via the variables at the bottom of the editor. You will still need to type the label (i.e. "Your Score"), but that field will display the correct total score for each individual submitter. 

To display the score on the custom Thank You message, go to Settings > Emails & Actions > Click to add a new Submission Message and select "display a custom message". You will do the same thing in this message editor as you did above in the Confirmation Page to add the score field variable. When you are done with your message, make sure you save your settings. Just like the Confirmation Page, individuals will see their own score in place of that variable.

To display the score in the Confirmation Email, go to Settings > Emails & Actions and click to add or edit your Confirmation Email. You will need to add the score field variable just as described above in the first two examples. When an individual submits their form, their score will then be emailed to them upon submission of the form.


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